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Migrant workers wait for hours at CSMT for trains to Bihar on Tuesday

MUMBAI/NAVI MUMBAI: Over 3,250 migrant men, women and children from south Mumbai sat in a queue at CSMT for a train to Katihar in Bihar on Tuesday afternoon. DCP Rajiv Jain said 13,000 had left by train and 4,000 by bus from Zone II in a week .
At Kharghar, hundreds waiting for the police to take them to Panvel station for a train to Patna marked their position in the bus queue with their bags as they took shelter from the unbearable heat in nearby buildings. Amit Kumar, a construction worker from Darbhanga, said he had been waiting for three hours. Mohan Shah, a newspaper vendor hailing from Motihari, said he had been coming to the spot for three days. Finally, the buses arrived. By Tuesday evening, 23 trains with over 24,600 had left for different states. — Mateen Hafeez & Vijay Singh

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