Mumbai Covid-19 survivor sets an example, continues to live in isolation to avoid infecting his family – mumbai news

A 34-year old resident of central Mumbai has emerged as a model coronavirus disease (Covid-19) patient, because he ensured nobody else in his family and friends contracted SARS-COV-2, which causes the disease, by still living in isolation even though he has recovered from the viral attack about a fortnight ago.

He has set an example for the Mumbai Police and Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) authorities, who have been facing tough challenges to explain the importance of social distancing to people to keep the viral outbreak at bay.

The patient spent 10 days in a private hospital in Mumbai Central, but still plans to live in isolation for the next few weeks as a precautionary measure for the safety of his family members and acquaintances.

“There isn’t any vaccine available globally for Covid-19. I’ve decided to live in self-isolation to let my body fully recover. Awareness about the virus and understanding of how to avoid it can save us from spreading it further and help save many lives,” he said, requesting anonymity.

The model Covid-19 patient runs a company that arranges tickets for enthusiasts, who want to watch sporting events around the world.

“My return ticket to Mumbai was booked for March 16. I stuck to my plan and after I reached Mumbai, I immediately started taking all precautions such as living in isolation, as I’ve had enough knowledge about the mysterious virus because I did extensive reading on it. However, I started showing symptoms for Covid-19 such as dry cough and shortness of breath. I was taken aback how I could have been infected despite taking all the necessary precautions,” he recounted.

He tested Covid-19 positive three days after his swab samples were collected by a private hospital. “I’d informed my family members to maintain a safe distance from me and I never left my room, until I got myself admitted to a private hospital on March 27. I was discharged from the hospital on April 9 after two successive tests within 24 hours showed negative results,” he said.

On his return home, he is following the doctor’s instructions to the tee. “I’m ensuring that I stay hydrated, regularly taking vitamin pills and trying to stay fit. I’d like to live in self-isolation till I complete 40 days from the time I started showing symptoms for Covid-19,” he added.

The sports professional has curbed his natural instincts of being an outdoor person and meet his friends and acquaintances.

“I have to do this to ensure that I stay healthy and my family and friends stay safe. I guess, my current state is the new normal in a post-Covid-19 world,” he added.

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