Owe Camp villagers in complete isolation, no positive cases so far – cities

The Owe Camp villagers at Sector 30 in Kharghar have totally isolated themselves from outsiders, as a result, no positive cases so far have been reported from the area. Over 3,200 people reside in the village.

The Owe camp village is 5km away from Kharghar railway station.

Ramchandra Jadhav, 34, resident of Owe Camp village, said, “There is no gathering of any kind and villagers don’t step out of their houses at all. The vegetables too are grown locally. Groceries shop is also owned by one of us, hence, we ensure that essentials are delivered to individual homes.”

“Marriage, engagements and all other celebration have been postponed and people have been asked to strictly follow the lockdown rules. We guard the entry and exit point of the village so that nobody leaves the village except in case of a medical emergency,” said Jadhav.

The villagers ensure that there is zero contact with those outside the village boundaries and follow social distancing among themselves. Those working in essential services are allowed to travel.

There are a total of 49 positive cases in Panvel City Municipal Corporation (PCMC). Except Owe Camp village and few tribal hamlets in Kharghar, most of the area has reported positive cases.

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