Traffic violators fined Rs 9.43 crore amid lockdown, over 2 lakh challans issued

The Mumbai Traffic Police issued challans worth Rs 9.43 crore from violators since a country-wide lockdown was announced by the Prime Minster Narendra Modi on March 22. Over 73,735 motorcyclists were challaned for helmetless riding during the lockdown from March 20 till May 13, while 6,354 motorists were challaned for driving without a valid licence. Moreover, 11,611 were challaned for not producing their licence when demanded by the police and 36,248 motorists were challaned for not obeying police orders.

“In total, over 2.09 lakh challans were issued during the lockdown and the amount of fines is Rs 9.43 crore,” said Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Madhukar Pandey. Despite the lockdown in place, 3,37,136 people have been penalised so far for various offences by the traffic police department.

Incidentally, the figures of accident and road deaths recorded from March 23 till May 12 are the lowest ever in the history of Mumbai Traffic Police. While the figures would have made the police department proud under different circumstances, forty six road accidents were reported in Mumbai during the lockdown is also a lot.

According to the data, in over 46 road accidents, 18 people were killed and 38 sustained injuries. While there were 11 accidents from March 23 till the month end, April recorded 30 accidents, followed by 5 accidents till May 12.

A traffic expert said, the violators who were caught breaking the law amid lockdown, should have been treated with strictest behaviour and their licences should have been impounded. Moreover, police should seize the vehicles of violators who ventured out of their houses for invalid reasons and joyrides.

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