Maharashtra: Onion prices dip further with fresh crops at APMC | Navi Mumbai News

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NAVI MUMBAI: With the arrival of fresh crop from across Maharashtra and the increase in import volume, in addition to the continued ban on export, onion prices have seen a steady decline at the APMC market.
Currently, it is being sold at Rs 40-55 per kg, a drop from the earlier Rs 55-70 per kg a fortnight ago. Consumers are relieved with the dip in the retail price hovering between Rs 60-80 per kg, from the Rs 80-100 per kg a few days back.
Traders said the price had stabilised for the timebeing, due to various reasons which include the diminishing demand caused by the hike in prices. Imported onions are being sold at Rs 35-40 per kg at the wholesale market.

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